Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians

The mission of The Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians (CASC) is to build a thriving and dynamic comedy industry in Canada by engaging aspiring and established professional Canadian comedians through advocacy, career opportunity, support for programming, as well as professional development and industry education.
There are two main objectives for CASC:
1) To advocate on behalf of professional Canadian comedy writers and performers and collaborate with private and public sector stakeholders in the comedy industry. CASC will build and maintain a “Cycle of Advancement” in the production, promotion, presentation, broadcast, and distribution of comedy content to maximize the economic benefits to the Canadian Cultural Sector and communities across the country.

2) To promote and insist on a harassment-free environment for comedy professionals that fosters racial, social, economic, physical, mental, and gender justice and equality. CASC will endeavour to address immediate and ongoing injustices, and pursue programming and development opportunities specifically directed at marginalized comedians within our own comedy communities.

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